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Check out whats been going on in the world of SitePAD, latest news, developments and plans for the future...

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SitePAD is revolutionising levels of efficiency within the design and construction industries. Find out how SitePAD can help your business save both time and money...

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SitePAD uniquely adds value to a wide range of industries and disciplines, take a look at who's using it and how it's benefitted those businesses...

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SitePAD uniquely adds value to a wide range of industries and disciplines, take a look at who's using it and how it's benefitted those businesses...


28 May 2010: Times Newspaper, Bricks & Mortar

SitePAD Featured in Times Article View PDF...

13 May 2010: ArchiCAD Monkey

SitePAD: the first true CAD app for iPhone + iPad Read more...

11 May 2010: Eureka Magazine

iPhone app enables portable CAD drawing

29 April 2010: DPA Engineers Guide to New Products and Design Ideas

New iPhone app for design professionals

27 April 2010:

SitePad. First 2D CAD on iPhone and iPad. Aiming at 3D. Read more...

17 April 2010: Messenger

Sale brothers launch iPhone application

1 April 2010: SitePAD Featured in the Manchester Evening News

Sitepad draws up a plan for iPhone app success! Read more...

30 March 2010: SitePAD launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our flagship product...

February 2009: Successfully assembled a team of specialist developers

Successfully assembled a team of specialist developer’s to transfer SitePAD from concept to reality. Services provided by Glitch Ltd. & Meta Metal Ltd. both experts in the design and development of software.

January 2009: Enrolled in the Apple Developer programme

November 2008: Fresh Design Base established.

Aim to provide ‘beautiful yet simple solutions through logical thought, communication and creativity’. SitePAD to be Fresh Design Base’s flagship software.

August 2008: SitePAD conceived

SitePAD was conceived as a response to excessive time and money spent on the sketching phase of CAD projects.

What is it?

SitePAD is the new mobile CAD system from Fresh Design Base.

CAD software, on your Phone, in your Pocket, on Site!

Forget your notepad for remote working; carry the power of CAD in your pocket. No need to fumble around with pen and paper, use your phone to CREATE, MANAGE, and then INTEGRATE CAD files on site.

Your team can now be working on your sketches before your back in the office, giving you the head start you need to set you apart.

SitePAD can offer your business a wealth of savings and opportunities:

Who's using it?

Architect – “We use SitePAD for drawing up my survey information. It has also been invaluable in making the information available to the other disciplines we’re working with and for those occasions when we need to access drawing information on site.”

Engineer – “I’ve saved so much time using the SitePAD software. I used to make all my notes on pen and paper, then re-draw them using my desktop software back in the office. Now I simply draw them on site then open them back in the office.”

Surveyor – “SitePAD has improved our company efficiency both in terms of production of information and turnaround time from start to finish. Both us and our clients are very pleased”.

Interior Designer – “We have used SitePAD on our last few jobs for creating our primary layouts. The ease of use and professional edge it gives our employees is very much enjoyed”

Kitchen Fitter – “SitePAD is great for producing layouts and then sending them to my customers. I save loads of time by using it and it is so much cheaper than a desktop alternative”

Blinds – “We use SitePAD when measuring up for our blinds. We can then send the orders straight through to the factory giving us one of the best turnaround times around”

Joiner – “SitePAD lets me carry all the detail drawings for my work in my pocket. Not having to carry stacks of paper around when I’m working in tight spots or on a roof for example is invaluable.”

Landlord – I use SitePAD to record the state of a property prior to a new tenancy. My prospective tenants log in, verify the images and notes/inventory and we both sign off on it. When they move out it’s simply a case of doing a comparative”

Plumber – “Ive found SitePAD brilliant for when I order my materials. I can map out where my pipes will go and then see what quantities I will need.”

Electrician – “I used SitePAD to draw out the electrical layouts to give to the Architect for his as-built drawings. This would have normally taken several days.”

Estate Agent – “We use SitePAD for producing the prospectuses for our new clients. Being able to draw the plans, write the notes and take pictures all in one go has saved our business many man hours”

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